Legal notice


This website is the property of IHOBE, whose registered office is in Bilbao, at Calle Alameda de Urquijo, 36, and is entered in the Araba Trade Registry, with Volume 276, Folio 132, Page 1777, and with tax number A01024223.

This legal notice likewise applies to any other websites owned by IHOBE, any subdomains, microsites and/or subsections contained in this or those websites, as well as to mobile applications, provided that they are the exclusive property of IHOBE.

By using this website, along with any other domain or content that is the exclusive property of IHOBE, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted, with no limitations or restrictions whatsoever, what is set out in this Legal Notice, along with the Privacy Policy which are at your disposal on this website.

The consent will be taken to be subject to the specific terms and conditions of use that may be applied with respect to some specific services of the website, whose prior acceptance will be an essential requirement to access those services.

IHOBE hereby reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions that appear on this website, as well as to expand its content, information, etc, at any time and without prior notice. Users should therefore check at regular intervals as to whether any changes have occurred.

If you do not agree with the terms of this Legal Notice, please do not use this website, as the use of it, we would reiterate, will imply acceptance of the legal terms set out both in the Legal Notice and in the Privacy Policy.

The activity is not subject to any prior administrative authorisation or adherence to codes of conduct, except to good faith, standard practice and to the Civil Code. The owner does not provide brokerage or accommodation services.


IHOBE wishes to maintain its relationship and contact with companies, entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector for a purpose exclusively related to its professional activity. Therefore, when users register, they can be asked for professional or corporate data and data arising from their status as entrepreneur or trader, and linked to their business activity or in relation to similar projects or activities to those of IHOBE.

Furthermore, this website is a specific meeting point that seeks cooperation as regards environmental sustainability, contact and relationship between the entities and institutions of the sector and at the level of the general public. Knowledge is shared through this website between professionals of the sector and citizens interested in environmental sustainability, by facilitating and fostering the interrelationship and helping them to network, maintain contact and communication, share ideas, learn, reach agreements, look for opportunities, work and make decisions in a network of trust-based relationships and groups. Users can also register and take part in the events and/or activities organised or promoted by IHOBE.

Finally, the IHOBE website allows users to:

  • Help us to personalise a profile with their data and share them with other professional people and/or entities of the sector, thus facilitating and fostering the interrelationship between professionals and helping them to network, maintain contact and communication, share ideas, learn, reach agreements, look for opportunities, work and make decisions in a network of trust-based relationships and groups; all of which with the final goal of improving the competitiveness of the sector and spreading knowledge for that improvement.
  • Register and take part in the events and/or activities organised or promoted by IHOBE.


Should this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, or any other legal information that may be published from time to time on this website be translated, the version in Spanish will prevail if there is any discrepancy between the version in Spanish and a translated version.


IHOBE is the owner of the content and elements that make up this website and it therefore owns its industrial and intellectual property and, in particular, all the source codes, texts, images, design, logos, computer programs, animations, databases, brands, trademarks or distinguishing signs, sounds and other sound or graphic elements of the website pages. This list is not exhaustive and is given by way of example and those elements are duly protected pursuant to international and Spanish industrial and intellectual property legislation.

The user is required to use the content diligently and correctly, in accordance with the law, morals and public order. IHOBE authorises the users to display the information that is contained in this website, along with making private copies (merely downloading and storing in their computer systems), provided that the elements are only for personal use. Their use is also authorised exclusively for media purposes, provided that, in both cases, its integrity is respected and that this website belonging to IHOBE is identified as the original source.

The use of the content of the website is forbidden, except for the purposes expressly established in the above paragraph; any type of biased use and counter to its nature is expressly forbidden. Its distribution, modification, assignment to third parties, along with the reproduction, transformation or public disclosure, by any means and technology, are forbidden. The prior and express consent of IHOBE can be required to do so; any action contrary to this text will be a legal breach intellectual and industrial property rights.

IHOBE hereby reserves the right to take the appropriate legal actions to defend its rights.

As regards the content generated by the users:

If – in order to participate in our website and in activities that we organise at IHOBE – you send us or publish any information or protected content on this website or on our social media profiles, please note that:

  • Any literary, artistic, scientific or technical information or opinion or of any other type, disseminated through articles, drawings, videos, photographs or any other audiovisual or text content on any type of medium can be protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • Submitting that content means that you have the authorisation of the submitter for its use by us on this website or on our social media profiles. The copyright of that content is held by its author, who guarantees the holding of those rights.
  • However, the fact of sending us or publishing the content on this website or on our social media means the transfer of its public communication and reproduction rights; the author keeps their right to exploit them in any form that does not prejudice the normal publication by us in the aforementioned media. Therefore, the submitter assigns to us on a non-exclusive basis, free of charge for an indefinite period and worldwide, the sub-licensable right to the reproduction, distribution, translation, publication and total or partial dissemination of that content on any medium currently known or developed in the future, for any purpose. We will be able to use that content to provide information on the event/activity, document it, be part of its audiovisual report, including its use in advertising brochures, posters, stationery and promotional signage, etc.
  • The submitter guarantees that they hold or that they have, and are able to duly so accredit, all the rights, capacity and/or permissions, authorisations and consent needed to use and licence that content, and that they do not infringe any third-party right, including rights to personal data protection, along with any intellectual and industrial property right. The submitter will be solely liable regarding third-party claims, including the Public Administration, regarding that content, and for any damages and losses that may be sought from us, empowering us to exercise the legally envisaged actions to defend our rights so that any liability that we had to face, even financial, will be passed on by us to the submitter.


We have adopted the reasonably adequate security measures in this website to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information with personal data. However, the user should be aware that the security measures of computer systems on the Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore, we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the internet user or to their electronic documents and files contained therein.

HTTPS (SSL) protocol
We use the HTTPS (SSL) protocol on this website to establish a secure communication channel between the server and the user to send their personal data. Providing this service through a secure server guarantees the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user's computer and that server, as an encrypted connection is established, using the SSL protocol, which makes it impossible for third parties to access the information sent.
Pay-for events and Ekoetxeak
In the case of pay-for events, payment will be made through this website by directing the user to the relevant purchase and payment buttons. The HTTPS (SSL) protocol is used to establish a secure communication channel between the server and the user to send their personal data. Providing this service through a secure server guarantees the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user's computer and that server, as an encrypted connection is established, using the SSL protocol, which makes it impossible for third parties to access the information sent. We recommend that you check the Legal Notice and the security measures implemented in the servers.
Payment gateway
If "payment gateway" services are used – for example, to purchase experiences or events subject to payment – in order to perform a commercial transaction online, data will not be stored that may connect the identification of the means of payment with the identity of its holder, except when necessary for the legitimate purposes sought; in any event, the payment information is encrypted and only the last four numbers of the credit card can be seen and only by its holder.
Payment platform
IWe provide the …………. payment platform for you to make your payments; it uses the HTTPS (SSL) protocol to establish a secure communication channel between the server and you as the user to send your personal data; in other words, all the transactions are performed through a secure connection, and, therefore, the data are sent encrypted to make it impossible for third parties to access the information sent. At no times does IHOBE record or store the bank details of customers as that operation is performed directly at the website of the financial institution.


The interest of IHOBE is for this website to function with utmost efficiency and fulfil the purpose for which it has been created. However, IHOBE cannot guarantee. that the website and the server are virus-free, and is not liable for any damage caused by accessing the website, or due to it being impossible to access it, or for any possible damage that may be caused to the computer, IT system of the user, the files stored in it, by a malfunction of the browser, or due to an obsolete version of them.

Furthermore, it is not liable for any numerical, formal or typographical errors that the website may contain, or for the accuracy of the information contained in it, or for possible malfunctions or functional problems due, for example, to problems of the internet network or in the servers on which the website is hosted.

You as the user undertake to use this website fairly and lawfully and in compliance with the law and commercial standards. Furthermore, you undertake not to carry out any conduct that may damage the image, interests or rights of IHOBE or of third-parties that may damage, disable, overload or prevent in any way the normal use of this website.

IHOBE hereby reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions that appear on this website, as well as to expand its content, information, etc, at any time and without prior notice. Users should therefore check at regular intervals as to whether any changes have occurred. You should read the new Legal Notices and terms & conditions of use of the website that may be added. Otherwise, you should abstain from accessing and using it. IHOBE will not be held liable in that case and will be entitled to suspend and end access to the Website content, and to the services provided from it.

Own and third-party links and hyperlinks

The IHOBE websites may facilitate the link or access to other own resources (sites on the website) or websites within the page of IHOBE and/or of third parties, which we consider to be of interest or are necessary to provide some of the services of our websites, but under no case are those websites controlled by us.

The aim of those links may be to facilitate the search of the resources that may be of interest to you through Internet or to manage certain services of our website, such as:

  • Processing registration for a pay-for event and billing of your registration to events or activities promoted or managed by IHOBE.
  • The possibility to register for any event or activity promoted by IHOBE.
  • Subscription to IHOBE newsletters of interest.
  • Information on publications, communications, events, etc. through third-party pages.

However, those pages do not belong to IHOBE, or does it review their content or services that appear and/or are available on those websites, or the operating of the linked page, or their use and processing of data, or any breaches that, as applicable, may occur or the possible damage that may arise from accessing or using it. The existence of the link does not imply any relationship between the organisation and the persons or entities that are the owners of those content or of the sites where they are found.

Therefore, IHOBE accepts no liability regarding the linked sites and cannot be held liable for their functioning, the content and services hosted in them or the possible links in turn contained in those linked websites.

We strongly recommend reading the relevant Legal Notices and, most particularly, the Privacy Policies of those websites before entering your personal data there. If you are unsure, we recommend that you directly contact those sites to obtain further information on their privacy policies.

If you as the user become aware of any illegality or inadequacy of the content, services or any other activities developed through a linked site, you should immediately notify IHOBE so that it can adopt, as applicable, the measures that it deems appropriate.

Hyperlinks to this website from third-party sites

Whenever an individual or entity wishes to establish a hyperlink from another website to this one, they must have the legal authorisation or public interest, or inform and seek express authorisation from IHOBE, or, failing that, comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • Both the presentation of a page of the IHOBE website that does not belong to the latter (using the technique known as "framing" or any other with the same or similar effects), and the insertion of any type of content disseminated by means of IHOBE on another website different to this one, by means of the technique known as "inline linking", or any other with the same or similar effects, without the express consent of the organisation
  • La página web en la que se establezca no contendrá ningún logotipo, icono, marca, nombre comercial, rótulo de establecimiento, denominación, eslogan u otros signos distintivos pertenecientes a IHOBE, salvo autorización expresa de ésta.
  • The website in which it is established will not contain any logo, icon, brand, commercial name, establishment name, company name, slogan or other distinguishing signs belonging to IHOBE, without the express authorisation of the latter.
  • In any event, the establishing of the "hyperlink" will not imply the existence of relationships between IHOBE and the owner of the website or of the Portal from which it is established, or knowledge and acceptance by them of that hyperlink. IHOBE will not be liable for the content or services made available to the general public on the website or portal from which the “hyperlink” is established or for the information and statements included therein.
  • Any "hyperlink" to IHOBE will be made to the home page or the main pages of the sections.


The IHOBE website, along with any subdomains, microsites and/or subsections contained in it, or mobile applications belonging to IHOBE may host advertising content or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material sent to be included on the website complies with the legislation and content that may be applicable in each case. The website owner will not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that may exist in the advertising content or of the sponsors, or offence to sensibilities that it may cause.


IHOBE hereby informs its users that, in the case of having a prior contractual relationship, we will send them information on our activities, products and/or services (including using electronic communications), based on our legitimate interest. If you do not want to receive this type of information, please send us an email in that regard to, and we will do so.

The withdrawal of your consent to be sent this type of communications does not condition the processing of your data for the other purposes described in the privacy policy. If you are not a customer, we will only send you this type of commercial and/or advertising communications by electronic means if you so authorise us by clicking the option that is expressly included for that purpose on our website.


In those cases where an identifier and/or password are sent to access certain services, private zone, intranet, etc., you as the user must keep them under your own responsibility in the strictest and total confidentiality and secrecy. You must take any necessary steps to ensure they are kept and used safely, and are expressly forbidden from giving them to third parties. You as the user are liable for any harmful consequences that may occur both for the website owner and for other internet users. In the case of theft, loss or unauthorised use/access of the identifier and/or password, the person in question must immediately inform IHOBE so that the appropriate measures are adopted; that individual will be liable for any damages incurred both by IHOBE and other persons as the result of late notification.

Under no circumstances will IHOBE be liable for any incidents that may occur regarding the personal data when they occur either from hacking or unauthorised access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible for that to be detected by the implemented security measures, or when it is due to a lack of diligence of the registered user as regards the safekeeping of their passwords or of their own personal details.

You need to be registered in order to access the private area of this website; you will therefore be asked for the necessary and basic information to create your profile in the private area. Once you have completed the registration form, we will be able to check your identity to activate your profile.


Our websites and mobile applications have connectors to different social media. When you as the user chose to interact with a social media network, your activity on our websites or through our mobile applications will also be made available to the social media with which you are interacting. Data can be gathered through cookies to allow its proper functioning, which can be your IP address or which page you are visiting on our websites.

If you start a session in one of those social media during your visit to one of our websites or mobile applications, the social media may add that information to their profile and that information will be transferred to the social media. If you do not want that data transfer to occur, you will have to log out of your social media session before entering our websites or mobile application, as it is not in our power to influence that data gathering and transfer through the social connectors.

The social media are not directly hosted in our Services. The interactions of the users with them are governed by their policies and not by ours. We recommend you read the Privacy Policies of those social media to obtain detailed information about the gathering and transfer of your personal data, your rights and your privacy settings.


In case of participating in any blogs or discussion forums on WEBNAME, any participant will behave appropriately with the other participants, and with individuals, legal entities and/or companies. No lack of respect will be tolerated.

Please note that the information, opinions, comments, etc, that are published and shared may be seen and used by other persons and that we cannot guarantee that other users do not use that information. Therefore, if you have any idea or information that you wish to keep confidential and/or do not wish it to be used by others, or is subject to third-party rights that could be infringed if it is shared, do not publish or share it, as we are not responsible for the opinions expressed by the users in the Blog comments, or the misuse or misappropriation by users of the identity or the content or information that are published or shared by others.


If the user does not have the status of consumer, Spanish jurisdiction and law will be applicable in case of a conflict or dispute regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, or any matter related to the services of this Website, and the competent courts and tribunals (with express wavering of any jurisdiction to which the user may be entitled) are those of Bilbao. If the user holds the status of consumer, the competent courts and tribunals will be those of their place of residence or those of the place of fulfilment of the obligation.